Rovensa presents Well Balanced Agriculture at Fruit Attraction

Rovensa well balanced agriculture

“The mission of the Rovensa group is to feed the planet through healthy and safe solutions that allow a balanced and sustainable agriculture. All the companies in the group share synergies and offer a catalogue of complementary products that have only one objective: Well Balanced Agriculture,”

Eric van Innis, CEO of Rovensa, during the fair.

The concept of Well Balanced Agriculture emerges as a solution to address some of today’s agriculture challenges: feeding a growing population, with equity, in a healthy and accessible way for all.

“The Rovensa Group wants to be a global partner that offers unique and innovative solutions for plant health&care, helping agriculture to find complete solutions for the challenges already mentioned. Balanced and sustainable agriculture could increase the productivity and the quality of agricultural products, respecting and protecting the environment,” added Eric van Innis.

Ascenza, Tradecorp and Idai Nature have been the companies that have represented the Rovensa group in Fruit Attraction. During the three days of the fair, the Rovensa’s companies have shown to the fruit and vegetable community the best way to ensure an agriculture that provides safe, healthy, quality and environmentally friendly products.

About the Rovensa Group

Rovensa Group, formerly known as Sapec Agro Business, is an international player in the agricultural industry, with a long history, experience and knowledge in the sector.

In September 2019, Sapec was renamed Rovensa, with the aim of creating a prestigious international brand in the agricultural industry. The group is now organized into three main business units: crop protection, crop nutrition and biocontrol. With offices, factories, research centres and laboratories in Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, Rovensa continuously develops a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for plant health&care.

Rovensa well balanced agriculture

All the companies that form Rovensa share synergies and offer a catalogue of complementary products that have the same objective: Well Balanced Agriculture.

The Rovensa Group companies

Ascenza and Selectis: they are specialists in crop protection and leaders in the off-patent segment with a presence in southern Europe, the Balkans, Brazil, and with a leading position in Iberia.

Tradecorp, experts in the development and manufacture of crop nutrition and plant biostimulation, with global presence.

Idai Nature, experts in biocontrol. They produce natural solutions from botanical extracts, minerals and microorganisms, with presence in Europe and Latin America.

OGT is the Rovensa company with direct and preferential access to the Ascophyllum nodosum algae and an exclusive extraction method (Gentle Extraction), which keeps the compounds with algae bio stimulant activity unchanged.

SDP, specialized in the adjuvant sector, with a presence in France and other countries in Europe.

Microchemistry, experts in microbiology and biotechnology with a strong presence in Brazil.

The Rovensa group will follow its organic and inorganic growth strategy with strong international expansion.

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