Idai Nature celebrates its Family Day at Mestalla

The company fulfilled the dreams of the young and old to play on the grass at Mestalla Stadium

Playing a game of football (soccer) in the Valencia CF stadium was this year’s main event to enjoy on the Idai Nature Family Day. Workers, family and, of course, the little ones felt like real stars when they came out through the changing rooms’ tunnel and their names were read over the public address system.

No detail was spared, the official VCF bus picked up the players and the corporate equipment was waiting for them in the locker room of the first team. The game was refereed by a referee and two federated assistant referees and there was background music and face painting throughout the entire event.

The Mestalla VIP Box was available to the public to cheer on their colleagues and family and, after the games, the day was topped off with great catering provided by the company in the Valencia CF trophy room. It was the final touch to a magnificent day that, most certainly, none of the participants will ever forget.

Idai Nature Family Days

Reforestations, Christmas circus, spending the day at the company’s farm, a visit from the Three Wise Men… Each year Idai Nature organizes several events in which employees enjoy sharing activities with their family members and co-workers, thus strengthening emotional ties between the family that makes up Idai Nature.

Idai Nature has had 10 successful years thanks to innovation

Concerts featuring Los Secretos and Siniestro Total will be given on 4 July under Idai Nature’s slogan, “We’re still different”

What started as a dream of a natural fertilizer factory in Pobla de Vallbona is now an international company that exports to 35 countries, has a subsidiary in Mexico and another in the United States, a franchise in Ghana and another in Switzerland and is part of an important international group in the agrochemical sector.

In the last 10 years, Idai Nature’s products have changed the lives of thousands of farmers who have become the brand’s most important practitioners. “We were born in the midst of the financial crisis, without grants, without a budget for sales agents or advertising. We had to earn farmers’ confidence based on the results from our natural products.”

This is how Carlos Ledó, founder and CEO of Idai Nature, explains the beginnings of a company that, from the beginning, had a clear idea that innovation and taking care of the environment were to be its two pillars. “When a natural product works the first time, farmers think it’s chance or luck. We had to demonstrate everything two or three times and that’s how we managed to become strong and earn our customers’ trust. They became our best sales agents and that’s how we started to grow.”  

The key to Idai Nature’s success has been to never stop innovating, “All of the profits from the first years were dedicated to continue researching to develop new products. To continue growing, we had to offer farmers natural and effective solutions that would allow them to be more profitable and access more markets.

In a sector as traditional as the agricultural one, for something different to be successful is, on many occasions, practically impossible, but this Valencian company has achieved that and, for that reason, they are going to celebrate it with a huge anniversary party under the slogan: “We’re still different.”

On 4 July, all those who have contributed over the past 10 years to Idai Nature becoming the international benchmark in biocontrol are invited to a huge Anniversary and inauguration party at the company’s new facilities in Pobla de Vallbona where it’s confirmed that groups such as Los Secretos and Siniestro Total will be performing.

“We want all those who in one way or another have contributed to making Idai Nature what it is today to celebrate a special moment like this one with us and feel like part of this dream that has been realized,” concluded Ledó at the presentation of the event.