Project STAR enhances Health & Safety culture within the Group

In partnership with DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), Rovensa is implementing a three-year project to foster a safety culture within the Group. 

It aims to create a Safe Team At Rovensa (STAR Project), in which all employees feel safe, protected, and empowered to make a safety culture grow within the Group. 

“Aligned with Rovensa’s ambitious growth strategy, we want to ensure that Safety remains a foundational value for the entire company, that we reinforce the protection of our people and assets, achieve results aligned with best industry peers and by doing that also contribute to preserve the company image and reputation,” says Pedro Pereira, Rovensa Chief Human Resources Officer. 

The STAR project is primarily focused on Portugal and Spain, in which the Group has more industrial sites. 

“Companies that are safer are also more productive and resilient. Probably there has never been a moment in which being Safer, more Productive and Resilient was as important as in the current COVID-19 pandemic. For the STAR project, we will be leveraging our heritage as an industrial owner-operator, our know-how and consulting approach to support Rovensa and guarantee the success of this project”, says Marcelino Garcia, DSS’s Managing Director for Portugal and Spain.