Rovensa Expands its biocontrol business unit by acquiring Agrichem Bio in Spain

Lisbon, February 4th, 2020 – Idai Nature, the biocontrol business unit of ROVENSA, an international group with innovative solutions for well balanced agriculture, announces today the acquisition of Agrichem Bio, S.A. and Even Agro, S.L. (together “Agrichem Bio”) a leading company specialized in biological plant protection solutions in Iberia, headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

This acquisition reinforces Rovensa´s biocontrol business unit, managed by Idai Nature, towards its goal of leading the change in agriculture by focusing on safe, healthy and environmental friendly solutions. With over 40 years of history, Agrichem Bio introduced the first biopesticides in the Iberian market and has today the largest portfolio of biocontrol products registered in Iberia.

“The acquisition of Agrichem will bring together two major strengths: Rovensa innovative biological crop solutions and Agrichem strong expertise in  biopesticides registration, especially in the field of microorganisms and plant extracts” explains Rovensa CEO, Eric van Innis, adding that “this demonstrates the group strong commitment to innovation and sustainability towards a well balanced agriculture in order to ensure safe, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. All this to benefit our customers and society”.

With this acquisition, Rovensa has now a stronger and wider portfolio of registered biocontrol products for a large range of crops, which will help to expand its biocontrol business, led by one of the companies of the group, Idai Nature.

Carlos Ledó, CEO of Idai Nature, declares “we are very proud and happy to have Agrichem Bio on board. Agrichem Bio will maintain its independence and will be integral in achieving our goal of becoming a world leader in biocontrol through sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions”.