Australian Ambassador visits Tradecorps Factory in Ireland

This July the Australian Ambassador, Richard Andrews, and his wife, Saovanee Andrews visited the OGT factory in Ireland to see where OGT, a Tradecorp subsidiary, combines its innovative technology and experience to create the Phylgreen range. This product is a liquid seaweed extract based on 100% Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the coasts of Ireland.

OGT Facilities

Ambassador Richard Andrews and Savanee Andrews were first greeted by Nuala Byrne, Lab Technician at OGT. She gave an overview of the OGT facilities, and the processes such as the raw extraction of materials, and the quality procedures in place.

Upon their visit, the Ambassador and his wife witnessed how after extraction, the seaweed is taken to the OGT factory where it is then washed and then converted into granules. In observing the natural process, they witnessed how no additives are added to the seaweed extract.

Subsequently, the Andrews witnessed the Gentle Extraction process, a method of cold extraction, which preserves all the active ingredients from the seaweed without the addition of chemical substances while simultaneously preserving the enviornment This occurs with the help of evaporators that then separate the seaweed into soluble and non-soluble groups. The Soluble is then used to create the final product, Phylgreen.

More about Phylgreen

Phylgreen is a biostimulant made from a natural resource, a pure seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum. This brown seaweed lives in a highly stressful environment, subject to constant tidal action. Therefore, the seaweed plant has developed a high number of anti-stress active ingredients to survive, such as alginates, mannitol and polyphenols, among others. In addition, the seaweed is harvested in a sustainable way, by hand. Tradecorp combines this unique technology with its experience in biostimulants and specialty fertilisers to create anti-stress solutions which nourish and enhance the metabolism of all crops.