Ximo Puig inaugurates the world’s most sustainable building at Idai Nature

The President attended the celebration of the 1st World Award for Excellence in Sustainable Architectural Design granted to the Valencian company Idai Nature

Idai Nature, a benchmark company that produces unique natural solutions for biocontrol in the cultivation of residue-free fruits and vegetables, has celebrated with the President of the Government of Valencia, Ximo Puig, employees, customers, suppliers, friends and other authorities, becoming the first Spanish company to win the 1st World Award for Excellence in Sustainable Architectural Design 2019, from the prestigious BUILD Sustainable Building Awards. In addition, the offices were the first industrial offices in Spain to obtain the stringent Passivhaus construction certificate.

The President wanted to congratulate the CEO and founder of the company, Carlos Ledó, for what this prize means and for the Passivhaus offices; he expressed how proud he is that this prestigious prize was awarded in Spain and, more specifically, in the Valencian Community. In addition, he visited all its facilities and has shown his support for the activity carried out by Idai Nature, thanking it for its commitment to sustainability, the environment and society.

The architect Rubén Muedra and the construction company Nidekker created facilities fully adapted to what Idai Nature is pursuing. “They’re smart offices that are friendly to the environment and the people who work in them thanks to the Passivhaus international standard. We’re the first industrial office building in Spain to attain this certification and bringing that award to the Valencian Community is a pride for all of us” explains Carlos Ledó, Idai Nature’s CEO and founder.

El estándar de arquitectura Passivhaus es el más exigente de construcción. Reduce un 80% el consumo de energía y un 90% las emisiones de CO2, renueva el aire de forma inteligente y permite prevenir y reducir las enfermedades respiratorias. En definitiva, un proyecto de sostenibilidad y eficiencia energética. Aprovechando la cita, Idai Nature ha querido conmemorar también sus diez años de actividad en una jornada muy especial para todos los invitados.

The Passivhaus architectural standard is the most exacting one used in construction. It reduces energy consumption by 80% and CO2 emissions by 90%, uses smart air renewal and prevents and reduces respiratory diseases. In short, this project is all about sustainability and energy efficiency.

Taking advantage of the moment, Idai Nature also wanted to commemorate its ten years of activity with a very special day for all its guests. The celebration was framed within the slogan “We’re still different”. All the people who, in one way or another, have been part of this dream, were encouraged to participate in the special day.

Throughout the day, the guests were able to visit the central offices, the manufacturing plant and the Naturalia experimental farm in the Pobla de Vallbona – where their own internal tests are carried out and which is accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out official tests (EOR). Later in the afternoon, David Meca addressed the attendees to give a motivational talk. The final touch was the concerts by the groups Los Secretos and Siniestro Total.

Thanks to these facilities, Idai Nature continues to show its commitment to and friendliness towards the environment by wagering on innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Idai Nature

Idai Nature, founded in 2009 by Carlos Ledó, is known internationally for its innovative capacity and has belonged to the Sapec Agro Business Group since 2018, which, in turn, has been owned by BRIDGEPOINT since 2017. We develop natural solutions for biocontrol in agriculture.

Idai is an acronym standing for the Spanish words for Research, Agricultural Development and Innovation. It can be found in more than 35 countries and develops, manufactures and markets products based on botanical and mineral extracts, for farmers who wish to invest in profitable, sustainable, balanced and forward-looking agriculture.