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About us

Well Balanced Agriculture

Megatrends are changing agriculture: population increase, healthy habits and environmental protection combined with the needs of growers, retailers and customers ask for a new model of agriculture. Our commitment is being part of today’s agriculture solutions.

We are proud to guarantee tailormade solutions based on Well Balanced Agriculture. Our complementary portfolio reaches major global crops for integrated crop lifecycle covering most of the plant input spectrum.

In fact, with an in-depth knowledge on vegetal physiology we develop close relationship with all stakeholders on crop protection, crop nutrition and biocontrol solutions.

Present in more than 70 countries, we are an international platform with global knowledge addressing the challenges of local farmers. 

We are farming your future! 


Our mission is to feed the planet, through healthy and safe solutions, enabling a balanced and sustainable agriculture.

We believe that our mission of feeding the world through a sustainable and healthy agriculture is helping a world facing an exponential growth of nutrition challenges, due to overpopulation, climate changes and declining of planet resources.

As a Group, we aim to shape the way farmers can do more with less, and consumers have daily better products.


Our vision is to be a world-wide reference, through unique and innovative solutions for plant health & care, leveraging our proximity with local agriculture.



Our purpose of feeding the planet, through healthy and safe solutions, enabling a balanced and sustainable agriculture, can only be accomplished if we work every day to become a world-wide partner, through unique and innovative solutions for plant health & care, addressing local farmers challenges.

SAFETY is at the heart of everything we do and we all live up to our commitment to nurture a zero-harm culture. That is why we feel so EMPOWERED to take the right decisions. We follow ETHICS and we are clear about our intentions. We work with DEDICATION to our company vision. We STRIVE to live our purpose, we do it as it was our own purpose.


This is our SEEDS!

is about sowing and empowering a safe team.

We care and protect our people, striving for a Zero-Harm culture, where each of us counts

is about giving empowerment and feeling empowered.


We give our people the space and the autonomy to carry out their decisions and to be responsible for the outcomes

is about legal compliance and behaving in an honest and fair manner with all stakeholders.

We do what we say and say what we do

is about always doing our best and going above and beyond.


We care for our company as if it is ours

is about resilience and not giving up.


We look at problems as challenges and opportunities to make a difference

Historical Highlights



Our group started in agriculture at 1926 (as Sapec) and originally set up to exploit pyrite mines in southern Portugal. It quickly integrated vertically into the production of phosphate fertilizers using sulfuric acid produced from pyrite ash, evolving to other inputs for agriculture. The production and marketing of fertilizers, agrochemicals, seeds and animal feeds have for many years been the main and almost unique basic activities of this Group

to a new vision

Almost reaching year 2000, a new vision arises: being an independent, international group with differentiated solutions. Huge investments in factories and labs, and Tradecorp was acquired. Comprising crop nutrition and crop protection branches, we were already at the time present around the world with affiliates, offices, plants and above all its experienced staff adapted to local markets. Service and proximity to the market have always been the key elements of the Group’s strategy.

Starting new opportunities

In 2017, the international private equity investor, Bridgepoint, acquired the Group to accelerate growth, maximize opportunities in new markets and favour new developments and agricultural solutions.

New identity

Important acquisitions were made, strengthening Tradecorp´s path: OGT (2015), Microquímica, and SDP. Biocontrol branch also emerge in the Group with a strategic acquisition: Idai Nature. Our Crop Protection Business Unit was rebranded as ASCENZA ROVENSA is our new corporate identity

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