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Sustainability is a core part of our strategy. We aim to make the most meaningful impact in sustainable agriculture by ensuring that a growing population is fed, and the planet protected.

We are providing solutions, experience, and knowledge to help farmers to do more with less resources to produce nutritious food for all.

We are now issuing Rovensa’s first sustainability report, which communicates our ESG Performance.

Supporting the Sustainable
Development Goals

As a global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, we focus our efforts to contribute to 3 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life on Land.

  We provide globally a vast array of solutions for sustainable agriculture that can contribute to eliminate hunger and ensure a sustainable food production pattern that makes a responsible use of natural resources.

We are committed to driving progress on these SDGs:


Our Commitments and Policy

For us, sustainability is the seed of our responsible business.

In everything we do, we take into account three fundamental areas of responsibility: Environment, Social and Governance. We are striving to develop the most innovative agricultural solutions for the environment, farmers and human health.

Get to know our ESG commitments in our Sustainability Policy. 







We are deeply connected to our mission of feeding the planet while protecting and preserving it. To meet the expected increase of global food production, Rovensa is delivering the most innovative solutions for the environment, farmers and human health, through sustainable production patterns at our industrial sites. 

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that attracts and retains the right talent. Through a feedback-based dialogue approach to employee performance and development, we help our employees succeed so they can do their best, every single day. The well-being and safety of them are a top priority.


We intend to be recognized not only for our sustainable solutions for agriculture, but also for the way we do business. Our ethical behavior goes beyond respecting the law, rules and policies. It is about being truthful, fair and transparent within our Group and across all our operations and supply chain.


Our Latest Sustainability News